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Chetna is leading Henna artist in Las Vegas, with a unique creativity, more than 45 years of experience and skills developed in India, where the Mehandi (Henna Tattoo) is first known to have originated. Chetna is specialize in traditional Intricate Indian designs, ethnic, Modern, Contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body. Chetna is great at customizing a pattern on request - traditional or whimsical, she can create a design just for you.All art is done freehand. We do cater for all the events and special occasions and offer various service to suit individual needs.

Madonna has done it,

Liv Tyler has got it,

and more and more westerners are embracing it.


I always use to think it was only a marriage ritual!


It’s something different !



Tel: 702-354-6088   | sales@hennaartlv.,com

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